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We love music and have friends in the industry, so we know the merch your band needs to make money . . .


Look, our friends are big in the industry, really, it's true. We know what you need . . .



The short answer is: we're a new generation of product supplier.

We believe that value and impact should be integral parts of any product, printed piece, or promotional. As a result, we don't just sell merchandise or provide print services.

We help you develop products, programs, and campaigns that actually work and create measurable ROI.

No more lame, cheesy caps that end up in the bottom of a more mini frisbees that are inexpensive but end up in the trash before your prospects leave the trade show. When your product arrives in a BLACK BOX, you know it's unique.

You're unique as well, so let's talk about how to provide you products and printing that reflects that and in the end, makes the right impact.

If you're from the old school (which is often cool when it's considered retro :) we do the following:

advertising, marketing and promotion services related to all industries for the purpose of facilitating networking and socializing opportunities for doing business...along with business consulting services for development of business strategies and creative ideation, also known as business marketing, business consulting services, or corporate image consulting.